About Our Classes


Matwork - We offer small group classes, up to 6 people maximum, to ensure you receive the specific attention required to benefit from Pilates., Intermediate and Mixed ability classes are available - the class will be based on the ability of those in the room and will work through the principles of Pilates for you to gain knowledge and experience. 

Womens Health - A class designed specifically for women with Cat teaching appropriate techniques for those experiencing common complaints associated with child birth, menopause and womens health in general. Babies are welcome along but will need to be discussed prior to class. 

Mat classes are £10 to drop in, or £54 for 6 consecutive weeks. 

Classes are busy, to guarantee your space block book your classes, to change or cancel your class we need at least 24hrs notice.


121 Apparatus sessions - We offer 121 attention for those working with rehab issues, or just wanting to get to know their body better. We work with local osteopaths and physio's to ensure your rehabilitation is aligned and efficient to get you back on your feet, including postural assessment and exercises for you to continue your practice at home.

121 classes are £45 for a one off, £200 for 5 classes to be taken within 3 months.

121 classes are flexible dependent on your teachers diary, they are booked on a first come first served basis. 

Duet Reformer Sessions - We offer duet reformer sessions for up to 2 people. Both clients work through the same workout on the reformer, beginning to flow through exercises you may recognise from the mat, but still working specifically on what you and your body needs. 

Duets are £55 a session, £250 for 5 sessions

Duets are flexible dependent on your teachers diary, they are booked on a first come first served basis.

Group Apparatus Sessions - For up to 3 people, to ensure you receive the specific requirements to reach your goals. Whether recovering from injury or just wanting to work out, these sessions will satisfy your requirements. Working on the reformer, wunda chair, spine corrector and other small equipment. 

Group Apparatus sessions are £20 to drop in or £70 for 4 weeks. 

see our timetable for classes.

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