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Holding It Together

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Maybe you have, quite literally, been holding yourself together the last few months. Many of us have been feeling like we’re “just getting through this” and waiting to come out the other side. Coupled with

spending more time hunched over our computers (did you ever think how your new home office was set up!?), perhaps less time moving about, or even more time moving about chasing those kids.

Everywhere in our bodies we’re holding worry about what the future holds for us, even now as things start to creep back into some kind of normality. The way you move reflects your health, emotions and ability to maintain balance in a challenging world, so we’re here to find you a greater ease of movement, break free from restriction and relieve any pain in your body.

As we start to rebuild our world, we’re here to rebuild you. Holding it Together will help you find some space to make space in the body, with a one hour workshop that will take you through techniques from both Pilates and the Franklin Method to find release and feel change in your body.

Book yourself in here for a pampering massage.


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