Online Workshops

We've been working hard behind the scenes on creating our programme of online workshops. These are provided for you to learn a little more about your body, gain a little insight into our world, and hopefully inspire you, or perhaps someone you know, not to just live with pain & discomfort but to do something about it. 


While we all are still spending our lives online, we are initiating our online workshops with short and snappy 1.5hr sessions. These sessions will be recorded and available for you to review or view at a time that suits you. Even if you cannot make the workshop, register to receive your recording and take a look when the time is right. Of course doing the workshop live can be much more interactive and questions can be answered there and then. 

29th June - 1730-1900
Functional Feet II - Cat

A part of the body that is largely ignored but so essential to the function of the entire body. The focus of this workshop is to put a spring in your step by getting your feet working for you, as well as other parts of the body to be revealed as you go through the work. Some may have been to Cats' previous workshop on feet, this is not essential to partake in this evolved class focusing mainly on the feet.  Read more on Cat's obsession with feet here....

Coming soon....
Holding it Together - Cat 

Using techniques such as the Franklin Method, self massage and of course Pilates, Cat will take you through memorable exercises to release tension, pay attention to tension, and prevent the return of muscle aches in the neck and shoulder area - you can include your jaw in that also - Read more on holding it together here

Coming soon....
Post Natal Self Care - Diastasis Recti - Cat 

Have you had a baby recently or maybe they are grown up now and never really noticed your abdominal region feeling the same? Maybe you know about Diastasis Recti or perhaps you've never heard of it until now. We'll be exploring separation and how you can repair, reconnect, improve the function of your abdominals safely, as well as the pelvic floor. 

More to come on this workshop soon

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