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At its most basic it’s a way of teaching our muscles to relax and stay that way. In this way it offers an embodied antidote to pain and tension. The practice gives us the tools to free ourselves, moving us clearly in the direction of balanced strength and away from injury. This emphasis on agency (the ability to affect and change your life) is empowering, liberating and practical. After all, you’re the one that lives in your body. Who else knows you better?

Somatics offers a practical tool-kit for physical and emotional resilience, freedom in the breath and calm in the mind. On a physical level, it’s used to treat a range of conditions like lower back, neck, hip, jaw, pelvic and knee pain. It helps re-pattern hyper-kyphosis and scoliosis, and is used to heal sports injuries and postural problems. It also addresses sciatica, pelvic floor issues, repetitive strain and many more conditions.

Somatic exercises can be seamlessly incorporated into yoga, pilates, physio and physical therapy. They can transform dance, running, swimming and all sports.

Hanna came to San Francisco in 1973 to become Director of a noted graduate school, the Humanistic Psychology Institute. During this time, he founded and directed the first training program in Functional Integration, taught by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais from 1975 to 1977.

Thomas Hanna, Ph.D., was a philosopher and somatic educator, who founded the field of somatics in 1970 with the book Bodies in Revolt: A Primer in Somatic Thinking.

Hanna dedicated his time to the growth of the field of Somatics, both as an academic and a researcher and practitioner. His research ultimately lead him to the develop the groundbreaking methods of Clinical Somatic Education, the culmination of the practical application of the academic field of Somatics. In his practice of somatic education, he saw clients from all over the world.

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