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Covid-19 Protocol

In order to welcome our clients back safely at Margate Pilates Studio, we have put all necessary precautions in place. Please take a moment to see what we are doing to ensure all risks are kept to a minimum, we hope this makes you feel safe to return to the studio with us, but do understand if you'd like to continue your practice online.


You will be reminded of these protocols before and during every class, so please bear with us as we instil these new procedures in our day to day operations: 

  • All teachers have undertaken the fitness industry certified CIMSPA Covid Awareness training to ensure the safety of our teachers and clients. 

  • If you are a vulnerable client and would like to practice from home, we have online classes available, or please do speak to your teacher to discuss further options. 

  • All teachers have a responsibility to ensure they are symptom free - should we have to amend classes for any reason due to contact with or potential symptoms we will let you know as soon as possible and this will require self isolation

Before arriving at the Studio:

  • Avoid public transport where possible to get to your class

  • Please arrive only 5 minutes before your class to ensure we can change over safely and prepare the room for your class

  • Arrive ready for your class, no changing facilities are available, and bring minimal belongings

  • Masks will be required to enter the studio and can be removed once the class commences

  • Bring your own water bottle, we are unable to provide water

Upon arrival: 

  • Please wait at the top of the stairs to the studio (ensuring you keep 2 metres distance from your other class members) - your teacher will come and collect you from here. 

  • You will be asked to verbally confirm you do not and have not had COVID symptoms and have not been in contact with anyone who has in the past 7 days, and that you consent to attending your class. 

    • Symptoms include: 

      • Fever​

      • Cough

      • Loss of smell and/or taste

      • along with a runny nose, sore throat, muscle ache and fatigue 

  • For group classes, clients will be admitted one at at time, please follow your teachers instructions dependent on your class: 

    • Remove your shoes and clean your hands using the alcohol gel from the hand sanitation unit at the entrance

    • You will be allocated a piece of equipment/mat, place your belongings in the tray beneath the equipment and await the arrival of your teacher back into the room.

During your class: 

  • You will be required to keep your mask on to protect those around you. If in a private class your teacher will keep their mask on and you are able to remove yours, placing it in your tray only. 

  • Teachers will remain at least 1mtr away and will not manually adjust you - only where assistance is required.

  • Windows and doors will be open to increase ventilation

Leaving your class: 

  • To ensure equipment is left clean for the next client, your teacher will spray any equipment used and we ask that you thoroughly wipe the equipment down. 

  • Dispose of your cleaning material in the bin provided

  • You will leave from class one at a time to avoid crowding in common areas.


Between classes we will be ventilating the studio and deep cleaning the floors. Any small equipment or mats that has been used will be removed. The toilet will be available for those who need it - however we encourage you where possible to go at home. 

If you have any questions or further suggestions, please do let us know and we'll do our best to ensure we all feel as safe as possible in this new normal way of working. 

We thank you for understanding and look forward to welcoming you back into our space. 

Cat, Neil & Laura. 

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