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The Reformer


The Wunda Chair


The Cadillac


The Ladder Barrell

The Reformer


Joseph Pilates Margate

Joseph Pilates was an innovator and inventor. His equipment was before its time.

He evolved the equipment as his method progressed, and even today although there have been minor changes to the specifications as manufacturing has evolved, the equipment is much the same. 

The most well known piece of equipment, the Reformer was created in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates to assist all ranges of movement, to correct the body’s posture, balance and breath control.

It enables the user to support, stretch and lengthen muscles while lying in a comfortable non weight bearing position, facilitating balanced muscle activation and giving feedback to the bodys neural system. The Reformer accommodates full ranges of motion with a wide array of body positions and resistance options.

Joseph Pilates recognised that the constant resistance provided by the springs makes for good proprioceptive feedback and keeps mind and body alert in all ranges of movement.

After learning the basics of pelvic, spinal, foot and shoulder stability the movements on the Reformer range from fundamental to extremely advanced.

wunda chair

The Wunda Chair


This unassuming looking box was Pilates' very first piece of home gym equipment in order to be able to work in small spaces. With a spring loaded pedal at the front, the Chair as it's sometimes known, provides endless possibilities for exercises of all abilities, highlighting imbalances and enabling the user to work on these. 


Unlike the Cadillac and Reformer where many of the exercises are done laying down, the Chair is a more functional piece of equipment as it requires the user to stand or sit, simulating more closely everyday movements.

Well suited for improving general fitness and athletic performance the Wunda Chair is an ingenious piece of equipment like no other.


The Cadillac


During WW1 Pilates was living in the UK and like many German nationals he was interned in the Isle of Man, he was given the role as a hospital porter and this is where the idea of the Cadillac was born.

Pilates saw many injured soldiers just lying in bed without being able to exercise, so he started tying springs to the end of the bed and attaching straps so the injured soldiers could start to exercise gently and get their bodies moving again, in turn speeding up the healing process. You can see when looking at the Cadillac the hospital bed frame.

The table sits higher than that of the Reformer which makes it easier to get on and off, also the Cadillac doesn’t move so it provides a stable platform which is an advantage for people that lack balance or stability such as the injured or elderly.


The Ladder Barrell


The ladder barrel is an original piece of Pilates apparatus which was inspired by an empty beer keg, although today's sleek design bears almost no resemblance to its rustic origin. The ladder barrel is actually the only piece of Pilates apparatus that doesn't have any springs or moving parts

There are multiples types of barrel, the ladder barrel, arc barrel (a smaller version) Clara barrel, invented by Pilates' wife Clara) and the spine corrector. 

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