We offer a variety of classes in order to make Pilates accessible to every body. 

Take a look at our range of classes to see what is suitable to you. 


1:1 or 1:2

Apparatus classes


Group Apparatus Classes


Live Online Mat Classes

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Mat Classes


1:1 or 2:1 Apparatus classes

1:1 Pilates classes offer you our undivided attention, if you're new to Pilates or haven't exercises in a while, these sessions give you the opportunity to work one to one (or two) with your teacher at your pace, specifically for your body. For those working with injuries, one to one classes can be beneficial for your rehabilitation£45 for a single class, £200 for 5 classes (to be taken within 3 months).


2:1 Pilates classes can be shared between you and a friend. We will work with both of you specifically for you bodies as with a 1:1. £55 for a single class, £250 for 5 classes (to be taken within 3 months).

If you cannot see a time that works for you please do get in touch via email, not all private slots are advertised


Group Apparatus classes

Group Apparatus Classes are for maximum 3 people. Using the Pilates apparatus assists to enhance your matwork skills and vastly improves your bodies awareness and adaptation to specific movements. Working on the Reformer, Wunda chair, Cadillac or other smaller equipment for a full body workout. 

£20 to drop in or £70 for 4 weeks. 

Live Online Mat classes


We started our live online mat classes during the Covid-19 pandemic, those who are still distancing themselves and to enable you to attend a class from wherever you are, we will continue to run online classes. These classes will be filmed and you will be able to access them for 52hrs after the class - so even if you're unable to make the live class, you can catch up in your own time. 

£54 for a 6 week block booking

£10 to drop in


Mat classes

Through a series of floor exercises, Pilates mat classes help build and tone long and lean muscles, aiding in flexibility and improving posture. These classes are carried out on a mat sometimes with small equipment to help your body understand and aid the movement. These classes are currently being held at the 

£54 for a 6 week block booking

£10 to drop in

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