Margate Pilates Studio was established in 2018 by Neil Smith and Cat Proudfoot to provide Pilates classes for all. Having both taught in Margate for around 4 years, and realising Neil was the first Pilates teacher Cat had ever been to, it made sense to work together to create a dedicated space for Pilates in Margate. 


We keep our classes small to ensure the highest standard of teaching for any body of any ability. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Neil Smith


Having had back issues from an early age & 2 spinal operations in 2001 & 2003, a Physiotherapist recommended Pilates. After a few sessions Neil’s back pain was almost gone, through sitting and standing with better posture and finding everyday tasks and movement so much easier. It worked so well that in 2004 Neil decided to become an Pilates teacher.

Neil trained with the Pilates Institute and qualified as an instructor in 2004.  In 2012, Neil spent four years studying with Karin Locher (2nd generation teacher) from Contrology-Pilates-Method Education, one of only two UK schools accredited by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

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Cat Proudfoot

Cat started practising Pilates at the age of 18, from that moment she knew that she wanted others to know how beneficial Pilates could be, not only as a means of rehabilitation, but also for everyday life. She believes strongly that the development of deeper body awareness using the Pilates method can lead to better overall health and wellbeing.

Cat trained with Sasha McLennan through the Pilates Foundation in London in 2014 and has developed her teaching practice further ever since. Having trained in Pre & Post Natal Pilates, Pilates for Cancer patients and most recently Pilates for Children, her specialist interests are within those remits, working with womens health and hypermobility.


Cat prides herself on providing a supportive and empowering environment for anybody, working on functional movement to not only assist you in class, but in everyday life also.

Watch this years POW Thanet chat with a brief pelvic floor talk from Cat 


Laura Carter

Working as an Equine Sports Therapist treating horses, Laura wanted to expand her knowledge on the affect of the rider on the horse and vice versa. Laura trained with Rachel Rafiefar: The Thoughtful Body in early 2017, to become a Pilates teacher, knowing that she would go on to become an EquiPilates Biomechanics Trainer later that year, working with horses and the horse riders body to gain the most out of their partnership.

Laura started Pilates after experiencing pain due to poor posture while at work, feeling the benefit of Pilates immediately she realised how much this could assist her not only whilst at work but in the saddle too. Laura has a background in theatre having worked with RADA and is learning to play the violin. She enjoys spending time with her own horse, Garrison, and even compete in dressage together.



Dawn Ingram

Dawn qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2016. Following this she trained with Yoga London in 2017, qualifying as an instructor for Yoga as well as Yoga for Pre and Post-Natal Pregnancy.

She recently completed a Yoga Reloaded course. This honours the tradition of Yoga but incorporates today’s knowledge of science and biomechanics. Experimenting with new ideas she has been following The Foot Collective principles. This takes the ideas of going barefoot to improve the posture, motion and physical strength. 

After experiencing some one-to-ones with Neil for her scoliosis, Dawn studied with Polestar Pilates to teach mat-based Pilates. In the coming months she will also qualify to teach studio-equipment based Pilates.

Margate Pilates Studio Ltd.

21-27 Eastern Esplanade