Lockdown Life - Neil

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We decided to close our doors to clients on the 16th March 2020, knowing that we couldn't risk the health and wellbeing of us, as well as our clients and families. Within the week we had our classes up and running online, but teaching online isn't that easy. It's not what we knew, and it was well out of our comfort zone.

With a couple of lessons, and a new broadband provider, we managed to coax Neil online. Here's what he's discovered since and little about him:

I have to say, after 16 years of teaching and happy to get up in front of a thousand people, I was skeptical of teaching online – it took a couple of weeks and some lessons from Cat (and my wife) to feel comfortable with signing in, let alone teaching. A week in and I was already beginning to enjoy doing it, 4 months down the line and it's as if i've been doing it 16 years – it's the way forward for those who can’t get into the studio. We have some more vulnerable clients, this gives them the opportunity to practice from