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Introducing: Bea

“Since starting Pilates classes, my quality of life has improved significantly. I have hypermobility syndrome and had been suffering with a lot of joint pain and muscle weakness and was really feeling quite hopeless and physically weak.

Pilates has really changed my life, I have worked on improving my strength, and my pain has decreased so much more than I could have ever hoped for.

My general wellbeing and confidence has also increased, as the anxiety I felt about reduced mobility was really taking its toll on me. Working with Cat has generally really improved my self-esteem - she is genuinely body positive and inclusive and has created a space where I feel really embraced.

I now know that Pilates is a way for me to strengthen and care for my body and that it really is for every body.”

FAVOURITE EXERCISE: Ballet stretches on the ladder Barrell, and simple footwork on the reformer (it makes my knees sing!!)

*THANK YOU Bee for sharing this 😻and for your post class texts #peglegs


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