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Introducing: Grace

“I had spent a lifetime on a lonely, distressing and seemingly futile quest to find out what was wrong with me and my unsteady body. I had tried types of Pilates many times with some success but also experienced exacerbated joint, tendon and muscle problems and general feeling of dis-ease as a result.

Cat has an endless pot of focused slower movements to strengthen and connect my naturally unbalanced body.

Following a number of classes Cat suggested I revisit a diagnosis of Hypermobility from twenty-five years ago which led me to a new diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and subsequently to validation and support from specialist doctors and therapists that despite being forty-five, I had never had before. I vehemently believe I would still be clueless to my genetic condition if I hadn’t met Cat who has an ability to ‘read’ my body and make suggestions no matter what pain or discomfort I turn up with each week.

Pilates is now teaching me about my body in a non-aggressive and highly focused way with easy exercises I can practice at home between sessions. With new awareness my body is more aligned and I am moving consciously with everything I do, helping to lower the number of daily injuries, improving my posture, better sleep and overall feel-good factor.”

*EDS can take a long time to be recognised and diagnosed by a lot of doctors. It takes a lot of puzzle piecing to put the signs and symptoms together. Grace went almost her life without a diagnosis and it was only through our honest and open relationship that I recognised what she was experiencing. We’re on a bit of a journey together. 💪🏽 - Cat


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