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Introducing: Michaela

“I came to pilates from a whole world of back and knee pain. When I was younger the pain was from sitting at a desk and now I'm a leather worker so using my muscles a lot for work.

Pilates has been a real game changer for me, I've spent so much money on massage, acupuncture, podiatrists etc and they only worked in the short term. I've found Pilates actually gets the muscles stretched and strengthened in a way nothing else can.

Being in a larger body I have found Cat's Pilates classes to be such a revelation. She always works with the body in front of her instead of pushing some weightloss narrative that can be so damaging to mental and physical health. In the past I had done classes where the aim seemed to be endurance instead of strength and recovery.

I've felt such an improvement in pain levels, mental health AND confidence in what my body can achieve.”

Favourite exercise: Bow & Arrow

* this is an extra special one, I’ve known @michaela_in_margz FOREVER! She introduced me to Sofie Hagen a few weeks back and has opened up conversations between friends that had probably been swept under the rug in the past. I well and truly hope I still know you when we’re 100 and can talk about 2020 over a drink or five! 😽💞 #westlodgeforever


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