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Introducing: Phil

“I wasn’t sure about Pilates when I first started nearly 4 years ago. But now I can’t live without it.

It is vital for me in my mid sixties to carry on with regular Pilates lessons to ease my aches and pains, particularly in the winter.

Pilates is my WD-40 to get my body going in the mornings, a few exercises each day improves how I feel and what I can achieve.

I’ve been practicing for nearly 4 years and I have noticed my core body strength has improved dramatically.

I have recently learnt that when you pull a muscle in your body the GP refers you to a physiotherapist. Then, guess what? Most of the rehabilitation exercises that the physio use come from Pilates.

If the professionals use it to heal and strengthen your muscles then why not do it on a regular basis as a preventative measure.”

*Phil had major heart surgery a year before I met him, the doctors have found a marked improvement from his dedication to Pilates


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