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Introducing: Trevor

“As a 71 year old man and retired truck-driver for 50 years, I didn’t expect Pilates to be suitable for me. I had been considering an operation on my right ankle which I shattered in my twenties and in more recent times am struggling with arthritis in both legs which was getting the better of me.

Pilates has been far more beneficial than a major operation. My general fitness has improved as the chronic pain has lessened. I have gone from having virtually no movement in my right ankle and living with severe pain everyday in my ankle, feet, legs and back to being able to crouch down, bend and stretch and take part in exercise like cycling which is life enhancing for someone who can't walk far.

I have many other health problems such as shoulders which dislocate easily and whilst Pilates can’t take my injuries away, it certainly helps manage them.”

* Trevor was so unsure whether Pilates could help him, with his stories of bodily feats, tricks and injuries, were going to be keeping him moving for a long time yet, just no cartwheels Trev!


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